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  • How do trees absorb carbon dioxide?
    Trees are able to absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, the process by which plants use sunlight to produce energy. During this process, trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air, which is then transformed into sugars and oxygen. But how does this process of CO2 absorption by trees take place? First of all, CO2 is absorbed by the leaves through small pores called stomata. Once the CO2 has entered the plant, it is transformed into sugars during photosynthesis. These sugars are then used by the tree as an energy source, or are stored as organic matter within the trunk, roots and leaves. The process of transforming CO2 into organic matter is known as carbon fixation. This process is essential for plant life, as it allows them to produce energy and grow. Read more
  • How are the places to plant trees chosen?
    We choose sites to plant trees based on several factors, including the need to increase forest cover in a specific area, the presence of degraded or abandoned land, and the ecological importance of the area.
  • Who takes care of planting the trees?
    We rely on local partners and farmers who take care of the tree planting. These partners are carefully selected and operate sustainably, using planting techniques that improve soil quality and biodiversity.
  • When are trees planted?
    The cork oak trees we plant in the Mediterranean Basin are normally planted from November to January. The planting certificate is sent when the tree is planted. The trees whose compensation is associated with CO2 Credits, these are planted specifically for the creation of CO2 Credits. We plant all over the world through our partners, after receiving the confirmation and verifying the documentation, only then is the CO2 Credit relating to the trees planted issued. In this way, we can ensure effective CO2 compensation.
  • How do I plant trees?
    From the PLANT page, choose from those proposed the quantity of oaks you want to plant and the relative CO2 they will absorb, complete the transaction and the trees will be planted for you! Or click on NFTs, choose from the proposed collections and buy the "NFTs CO2 OFFSET" suitable for you in relation to how much CO2 you have to offset to reduce or eliminate your company or family emissions. The trees associated with each NFT have been planted and are already growing and absorbing CO2!
  • How does the "NFT CO2 offset" service work?
    NFT CO2 offset allows you to purchase CO2 offset certificates, which represent the absorption of a certain amount of CO2 by the trees we have planted. You can purchase these certificates through our platform and keep them as proof of your personal or business compensation, to demonstrate your active participation in the fight against climate change.
  • How can I contribute to the fight against climate change through
    You can contribute to the fight against climate change through in several ways: you can simply plant or give trees, click on "PLANT or GIFT" choose the number of cork oaks you want to plant and complete the transaction, the trees will be planted for you or will be assigned to the person you want to give them to! Or you can buy CO2 offset certificates through the "NFT CO2 offset" service, click on NFT in the menu, our Marketplace will open. Based on the CO2 you need to offset, choose the NFTs you like more and complete the transaction (accepted: Euro and MATIC). If you want you can become a partner and support the planting of trees in a specific area, or you can simply spread the word about our projects and raise awareness of the need to act against climate change.
  • What is is an organization that deals with planting trees all over the world to fight CO2 in the atmosphere. We also offer an innovative service of "NFT CO2 offsets", which are CO2 offset certificates.
  • What is the goal of
    Our goal is to fight climate change through the planting of trees around the world and to raise awareness of the need to take concrete action to protect our planet. We want to create a positive impact on the environment and society, and help build a sustainable future for all.
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